In Your Waltzing Embrace

B Y  :  N A T A L I E   M A Y S



Who Are We

B Y  :  A M A N D A   R O H D E

touch n. – a small amount; a trace; a detail or feature, typically one that gives something a distinctive character.

We all have certain traits, both physical and emotional, that make us who we are, that separate us and make us unique. These touches could be the shape of your lips, the way you dance, your fashion sense, your religious beliefs, your personality, anything that makes you you.
Although this piece is meant to be abstracted and cause the viewer to contemplate the meaning of the question “who are we,” it may evoke different feelings and thoughts from each viewer. What “touches” make us who we are?



B Y  :  J O S H   G A R C I A





B Y  :  Z A C   P A N K E Y

Eating a meal together is one of the most intimate experiences two people can share. The act itself predates history and is still used to encourage and bolster community as well as individual relationships. This table speaks to the connection between two individuals who enter into that special occasion.


The Shed

B Y  :  J O H N   A U S T I N   G R A Y


The walls of rough, unsanded boards

Make this mostly empty space

A room.


Only your father’s workbench,

Littered with lonely wood shavings,

Jagged screws, his heavy hammer;

Only a dangling lightbulb;

Only the damp summer air;

And nothing else surrounds us

As I watch your lips move:

We are just shells of people.


If I could see with the eyes

Of a god, when I look down

At my hands, I could make

Every line on my oily palm

A canyon, crowded with cells.

I could see proteins and acids

Moving like factory workers,

Driven by habit and design.

I could see things smaller still:

The atom, its electrons

Whizzing through nothing;

The cluster of a nucleus;

The constant shuffle of quarks;

And of course, the space

Between everything,

As vast and as empty

and as undeniable

As it is when I, as a god,

Look at the universe from top

to bottom.


If I have what you call a soul—

Something stranger,

More charming than matter—

I don’t think it would take your touch

To cure me. Only your voice,

Your lips moving up and down:

We are full of each other.

But I hear It’s time for you to go,

And I leave without so much

as a handshake.



B Y  :  T I M   D U R H A M


One thought on “TOUCH

  1. “Keepsake” throws you right into an emotional situation, grabbing your attention in an instant. The way we look at these physical objects that are bruised and scarred as a representation of a person we love really speaks to me. It is not about the condition of the item, but the relevance it had between you and that person.


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