Hold Fast

B Y :  B E N J A M I N  W A T S O N



20″ x 14″



 it gets to you

B Y :  N I C O L A U S   R O S S


it gets to where you’re lonely.

it gets to where you start talking

to anyone to yourself

and even God sometimes.


it gets to where you’re walking,

minding your own business,

across the kitchen floor

to pour a little glass of wine


when you think

and then you say out loud

“I can’t trust anyone

who never in his life had belief enough

to be broken, furious, and

when it is gone,



and seeing life now colorless and unfeeling,

cries for help from

what he doesn’t know.

just a child aching to be held again.


then it gets to where

the knowledge of the man

you ought to be acting like

is a simple, rugged burden

with you all the time.


so your body adjusts to discomfort,

standing in spite of it upright and proud.

and your soul grows around divine tragedy

like an old apple tree around a barbed-wire fence.


you make it


a purpose to herself

like the living, breathing and

dying Earth.


you make yourself

wrapped up into a seed

of Joy and Suffering.

a tiny, accidental offering

of existence to the encompassing drama of the universe


and see if it will rain.



The Impassable Wilderness

B Y  :  J U L I A   H E M B R E E

This series is based off the book “Wildwood” by Colin Meloy. The book tells the tale of a girl who is forced to enter “The Impassable Wilderness” in search for her baby brother. She is headed on her journey when she discovers that a (somewhat unpopular) boy from her school has been following close behind. He is the last person she wants to have tagging along, but the two end up going together.

I related to this journey when considering the theme “Into the Storm”. There will always be moments in our lives when we have to face a fear. We have to go into an often frightening unknown territory where the future is unclear. We see darkness and imagine the worst of the worst, or maybe the best, but either way we enter it blindly– much like a storm from afar. We can’t know the damage or beauty of the storm until it comes. So, this series illustrates the emotion of fear and wonder I feel when I am about to enter a storm.



B Y  :  W H I T N E Y   W I L L I A M S




Fight a Storm

B Y  :  L A U R E L   S O R E N S O N





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