From The Pine

B Y  :  C A S S I E   O S B O R N  &   T I M   D U R H A M

L Y R I C S  :

(M) Did I step on your feet to often?
I wasn’t looking out for you.
(F) Did I walk away, did I walk away too fast?
(M) I can finally see the sun, I was wondering did it go home with you?
(F) You were in the woods, you were in the woods too long.
<<It’s been so long>>
(M) I was pushing back branches
Like shrugging off your glances
I was pretty bruised.
But I finally found a river I’d freely jump in just to win the affection of you.
(M) Are you ready?
(F) Are you?
<It’s been so long>
Were you thinking of me
When you had time to be?
Oh, I love the storm we brewed but you left all the questions for me.
If it is what it is, I’d be skin and bones.
Ifs it’s you, if it’s you, come on home.
<<It’s been so long>>
Oooo oooooooo
(Both) I’ll carry your weight
Won’t you help me with mine
I’ll carry your weight
Wont you help me with mine
And we’ll build our home from the pine


From The Woods

B Y  :   J O S H U A    B R U N E T

Mono print (oils, not ink) with color pencil for final detail/embellishments. 8×10 on Arches, Rives BFK paper.


After the Huntsman

B Y  :  K A T E   B E N E D E T T I


“Who’s afraid?” you said and trembled,

for I snapped your golden thread when I fell

again to older ways, a savagery

only your blood remembers

from the days you crouched and ravened too.

The forest still knew you, and you

prowled it without sound.


In those days I feared you. But my brothers,

you grew too polite. You built

toy villages and said, “Live among us.”

I said, “Gladly,” and your children

feared me not: “Good day, sir wolf.

My grandmother is ill.”

Tell me truly, were you surprised?


For what can I say? Now

our mother is satisfied:

by day you curse me,

pounding your drums,

each night burn me in effigy.



From The Woods

B Y  :  H A N N A H    R U S S E L L


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