Finally Together

B Y  :  K A T H R Y N   B U N C I K










Two lovers, when apart, may as well be on opposite ends of the world. But when together, they are the world.



B Y  :  H I L A R Y   B O R D E N

Mixed media: polymer clay, metal wire, fabric, wood // 14″ tall


Alone at Last

B Y  :  M E G A N  P I N C K A R D




Finally Together

B Y  :  C A R I   P H I L L I P S










In working out the theme of “Finally Together” I wrestled with the concept and attempted to create something new to represent my thoughts, but couldn’t fully do it justice. While sitting in the living room of a couple I admire deeply, surrounded by my dearest friends who were scattered on the couches sleeping off a delicious meal, I was hit the weight of what Finally Together really means to my heart, so I photographed it. We’re all independent souls, grappling with God and humanity and ourselves, while sharing meals, washing dishes, and learning how to love. Together.


Cape Canaveral, In The Morning

B Y  :  E N Y A   F A C E



Geometry Study No. 17

B Y  :  R O B   A L V E Y



Finally Together

B Y  :  C O U R T N E Y   S E A R C Y


We’re all piecing together conflict and love and brokenness and beauty. We’re longing for a day when the tension will cease, and we’ll hang our weathered banner with a sigh of relief — finally.


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